Backroom Casting Couch is a website about the real life interactions that occur during adult modeling interviews. We film girls sucking, fucking, swallowing and taking it in the ass just to land a job. I would hire them all, however I'm not a talent agent   ...   and there is no modeling job.

KatrinaAdd to FavoritesDate Added: May.23,2016

Sorry, just one more creampie ending. Thought TC would end Katrina's casting with a cum facial today, but fucking and kissing this super tight 18 year old teen at the same time was just too much - TC popped his load deep inside that young kinkster (and she doesn't mind at all). We watch this petite BDSM lover take it in her tiny ass, fucking and cumming like it's her life's mission, and every damn...(read more)
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ValerieAdd to FavoritesDate Added: May.16,2016

What's that sparkling between 21 yo bartender Valerie's legs during the interview? You'll find out. It's a nice surprise. Valerie says some really dumb yet funny things. Like she answers "well, where would you spit it?" to the question if she spits or swallows the cum of her men. Our 5'7 princess claims to only have had 5 or 6 guys in her life thanks to long term relationships. Judging by Val's...(read more)
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LupitaAdd to FavoritesDate Added: May.09,2016

Five-feet tiny, 90 pounds, and petite, it's no wonder Lupita's anal is more painal than anything else. Not quite bona fide anal fail because by some miracle, TC does get his big cock in that tiny, TINY little Mexican ass and fuck it for a while. Lupita loves that cock in any other position. And in her mouth. Clearly, our cosmetologist -turned-stripper (where'd we hear that before?), Lupita is now...(read more)
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PhoebeAdd to FavoritesDate Added: May.02,2016

Phoebe is a waitress, full time college student, and self-confessed nympho (ok, "sexually very open", which means nympho slut)...who loves anal. Does it get any better than that? Phoebe is one eager beaver (heh!), very animated and clearly excited about the prospects of one day getting paid for doing what she likes doing best. I think if TC didn't ambush her with the "I need you to show me how...(read more)
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MorganAdd to FavoritesDate Added: Apr.25,2016

Morgan is a 26 year old racially-mixed stripper with a live-in girlfriend at home (yep...), and a sweet body mangled by shitty tats and an almost equally shitty tit job. Being a fan of easy money (and cock, apparently), Morgan wants to become a pornstar, whatever that entails. She actually draws a blank when TC asks her what she thinks she would be doing in an adult movie. Well, in THIS adult...(read more)
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HopeAdd to FavoritesDate Added: Apr.18,2016

A 23 year old computer engineer with a degree who can't find a job in 2016 either is doing something wrong, or we are indeed all being replaced by robots now, including the geeks. That this computer geek comes in the form of a tiny 5'2 blonde Russian spinner who recently broke up her engagement and is now looking for A) a boyfriend/cock, and B) a job, is lucky for us. TC is taking charge in every...(read more)
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KimmieAdd to FavoritesDate Added: Apr.11,2016

18 year old photography student Kimmie calls herself very open sexually, and the way she worships TC's cock this seems to be true. I'm amazed when he fucks her tiny ass like a madman, and our young blonde just takes it. The dude's packin' but despite having had only 4 guys in her young life, Kimmie handles Mr Python really well. When her "demo tape" is over, Kimmie said she actually enjoyed...(read more)
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ZoeyAdd to FavoritesDate Added: Apr.04,2016

18 year old confessed porn addict, part time webcam model, and bikini bodybuilding contestant Zoey hopes to practice her handjob skills in the porn industry so that she can give perfect happy endings as a professional massage therapist one day. Sadly, I'm only kind of kidding. Zoey likes girls with big asses and big tits, but lucky for us, she prefers guys with big dicks above all else. She might...(read more)
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SkylarAdd to FavoritesDate Added: Mar.28,2016

21 yo Skylar considers herself a free-spirited artist, and porn is just another art form. Let's hope that getting her juicy ass dick- pummeled on camera by TC's trouser python for what seems an eternity, and then filled with jizz will not be her life's only masterpiece. Skylar is cute, has a great personality and is open to anything. Plus: huge natural tits. So really, if you do find her hawking...(read more)
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AlainaAdd to FavoritesDate Added: Mar.21,2016

Just as five-foot tiny spinner Alaina begs TC to not cum inside her, our stud ejaculates a gallon of cum in her pussy. Incredible ambush creampie! Alaina's look of disbelief and anger is priceless. And since I split-screen that shit for ya, you'll get to see it all at once - facial expression AND insemination. What else about Alaina? 22, huge fake tits, wants to go to school to be a nurse and...(read more)
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