Backroom Casting Couch is a website about the real life interactions that occur during adult modeling interviews. We film girls sucking, fucking, swallowing and taking it in the ass just to land a job. I would hire them all, however I'm not a talent agent   ...   and there is no modeling job.

AmandaAdd to FavoritesDate Added: Feb.01,2016

18 year old Amanda wants to be a role model for girls around the becoming a famous pornstar. Let that sink in for a moment. Amanda watches a lot of porn which becomes obvious the way she moans and coos her way around TC's big cock. Anal? Hells yeah, and she likes it! No complaints when TC cums insider her teen pussy without warning, either. (read more)
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BlakeAdd to FavoritesDate Added: Jan.25,2016

Today 21 yo blonde waitress Blake makes the second worst decision of her life, trumped only by letting some tattoo "artist" practice his 1990's death metal album cover drawing skills on her otherwise incredible body. While Blake says she is a good fit for the porn industry, we - and certainly she - quickly learn that it's not. The fact that she hasn't actually watched porn before should've been a...(read more)
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MaddeyAdd to FavoritesDate Added: Jan.18,2016

Had a chocolate craving so I'm doing this one. College sophomore Maddey is 20, almost 21. She's a racial mix, so almost black and almost white. She's 5'2, almost 5'3. And she almost got a real job because I'm almost a real casting agent. I have to admit though, Maddey doesn't half ass her sexuality. She cums when I eat her out (watch her body shake and her toes curl - sexy!), and sucks and fucks...(read more)
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SandyAdd to FavoritesDate Added: Jan.11,2016

22 yo nervous Sandy is cheating on her boyfriend today by letting TC shove his big cock in her without a condom and with the lights on. For a girl w/ 2 men in her life, and self-image issues that make her apologize for wearing pantyhose because she's "too white", this is a big deal. To make things easier for TC's demo performance I actually told Sandy she can expect to handle some cock for her...(read more)
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BeccaAdd to FavoritesDate Added: Jan.04,2016

Grad student Becca is half Asian, half Caucasian, looks like a librarian and sucks and fucks like a drunk Vegas hooker. In other words, she's perfect for this industry. Speaking of jizz biz - you heard of my America's Next Casting Agent thing, right? I'm looking for someone to fill my shoes, and maybe that's you. See the official...(read more)
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KatieAdd to FavoritesDate Added: Dec.28,2015

18 year old coed Katie needs rent money and her day job isn't quite cutting it. She went straight from her late shift to my office to see if the jizz biz can be her rescue. It can't. Not only because I'm not a real casting agent but also because cutie Katie refuses to do the most fundamental of all sex acts. You'll see. But our sociology major does like to fuck long and hard and suddenly loses her...(read more)
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NicoleAdd to FavoritesDate Added: Dec.21,2015

19 yo Mexican fast food cashier Nicole always wanted to be a stripper and bask in the adoration of men. But the gym is far and those fried chicken thighs tasty so...Well, I guess getting assfucked and inseminated on camera by a middle aged "casting agent" is the next best thing. Nicole's casting is from back in October. Was one of the first times I live streamed via Periscope, and all that...(read more)
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MeganAdd to FavoritesDate Added: Dec.14,2015

19 year old Megan is a pretty girl with a pretty pussy who claims she always dreamed of being a pornstar. After stints as a nanny/sugarbaby, Megan is now ready to give this jizz biz thing an earnest go. Even the hard ass fucking and ambush creampie (yes, Plan B...ugh) didn't scare her off. Maybe not getting paid for her demo tape might.(read more)
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EmmaAdd to FavoritesDate Added: Dec.07,2015

When 19 year old Eskimo teen Emma tells us what kind of kinky shit makes her cum, it's pretty shocking. Emma seems so petite, shy, and innocent. But she's a filhty little Inuit who enjoys getting ass fucked, endures double penetration and ass to mouth, and doesn't complain when I cum inside her without warning - despite not being on birth control - all for a chance at getting into the porn biz....(read more)
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HaleyAdd to FavoritesDate Added: Nov.30,2015

Say hello to your new obsession, 18 year old redhead Haley. Freshly "flying the coop", Haley's hotel receptionist job doesn't pay enough to get away from mom and dad. Our adorable teen hopes to pick up some extra cash doing a few high paying porn movies and then move on. Literally. Haley clearly learned a lot watching her favorite pornstar Mia Malkova, her bj skills are un-fucking-real for an 18...(read more)
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