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Backroom Casting Couch ™ is a website that features photographs and videos about the real life interactions that occur during adult modeling interviews. We film girls sucking, fucking, swallowing and taking it in the ass just to land a job. I would hire them all, however I'm not a talent agent   ...   and there is no modeling job.


Scarlett Date Added: Dec. 10, 2018

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Two cucumbers, a blonde, and desperation walk into an office...Wait, that's not the beginning of a joke, it's pretty much the central part of 23 yo Scarlett's casting. Working for her brother as a business consultant just doesn't bring the kind of excitement and money the porn business does, or so she thinks. Taking...(read more)

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Yasmin Date Added: Dec. 03, 2018

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They write songs about girls like Yasmin. A born heart-breaker and pornstar, we may well have a new top 10 girl on our hands (and dicks) today. One of the year's most mesmerizing, confident casting candidates, it's shocking that our Palestinian-European mix is still in High School. Even more shocking is her claim that...(read more)

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Sunny Date Added: Nov. 26, 2018

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I love Thai food. Been to a lot of Thai restaurants. You know what I've never seen in any of them? A blonde EDM bopper with tats and a voice so squeaky she could make the rice bowls explode. So we're not sure we should believe her claim to be a waiter at a Thai restaurant. But then again, might be a small town thing....(read more)

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Alyssa Date Added: Nov. 19, 2018

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20 year old blonde, blue-eyed Alyssa likes to match her teeth to her manicures, and sometimes that means drilling a hole and putting a diamond in. That's some real commitment to looking well put-together, and we like girls committed to looking their best. With anyone less bubbly and sweet than Alyssa, something like...(read more)

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Willow Date Added: Nov. 12, 2018

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22 year old Willow is one of the very few college grads we've ever had on the couch. You'd think this makes her a more interesting conversation partner, with witty comebacks and veiled sexual references or humorous anecdotes about life in general, but you'd be wrong. Apparently they hand a degree to anyone with a...(read more)

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Layla Date Added: Nov. 05, 2018

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Super hot 19 year old redhead Layla is getting a cum ambush today. Is that a thing? Well, today it is - I had a feeling Vince is going to manage squeezing out 2 loads of jizz with this super hottie, and I was right. I let him cum inside her pussy (creampie) and then jizz again over her face and braces. I'm not...(read more)

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Rowan Date Added: Oct. 29, 2018

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19 year old redhead Rowan doesn't go out of her way to watch actual porn, just short clips she sees in her social media streams here and there. Well, she should have done her homework. When her boyfriend (!) found out she's going to be looking into porn jobs he told her he'd better not see her on "some porn site", as...(read more)

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Kaitlyn Date Added: Oct. 22, 2018

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19 year old Kaitlyn practically bounces off the wall with nervousness when she meets us in the new office. She's been in long term relationships and feels she's been missing out on trying new sexual things. She wants to change that ASAP, and what better way to learn about being the center of any party than getting...(read more)

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Brittany Date Added: Oct. 15, 2018

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When 19 year old Brittany confesses that she enjoys watching creampie videos but never actually gotten one, we already know how we're going to end her casting. But clearly SHE didn't because it turns out our blonde porn hopeful isn't on birth control and I just lost 47.99 in the form of a morning-after pill to ensure...(read more)

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Isabella Date Added: Oct. 08, 2018

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Today we got a new office and a new casting hopeful who will take it in the ass for adult modeling jobs that don't actually exist. Italian and Cherokee mix Isabella likes sex, money, and hot guys, and wants to one day be double penetrated, so the porn business might be the right fit for her. We caught her lying about...(read more)

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