Backroom Casting Couch is a website about the real life interactions that occur during adult modeling interviews. We film girls sucking, fucking, swallowing and taking it in the ass just to land a job. I would hire them all, however I'm not a talent agent   ...   and there is no modeling job.

AleniaAdd to FavoritesDate Added: Oct.24,2016

I should start charging Agent Jake for this. Today he gets to fuck a super cute 19 year old stripper Alenia. In the ass. She has great blowjob skills (probably learned by watching her favorite type of porn scene - 2 blondes sucking cock). Alenia also does ass-to-mouth, and endures Jizzy Jake's (thx Jim) ridiculously large cum assault with a smile and a thanks. Watch how he shoots OVER this girl's...(read more)
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TiaAdd to FavoritesDate Added: Oct.17,2016

It's grandma's fault! Wait, we did that one already. But it's true, this is the second girl in Backroom Casting Couch history who is looking to make money in porn to help out nana. Working in retail just doesn't cut it. And a teen who's had "a lot of threesomes!" probably should be doing something other than slinging discount mumus at housewives. For being one of the most hesitant girls in a long...(read more)
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AshlynnAdd to FavoritesDate Added: Oct.10,2016

Ashlynn would like to be a nurse one day but that would mean hard work. A girl who tried anal at 16 and admits to having pleasured 50 cocks already probably isn't cut out for long shifts. Especially night shifts. Or any actual work, really. So she's "waitressing" here and there (code for stripping, probably. Which is code for VIP room blowjobs, most certainly). Girls love to think doing porn is...(read more)
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AmberAdd to FavoritesDate Added: Oct.03,2016

Cutie alert! 20 yo naturally busty cashier Amber says she's always looked up to pornstars and wants to be just like them. Really, she's referring to Kim Kardashian, as she confesses at the end. Oddly though, Amber doesn't actually watch porn movies. Or knows much about what goes on in them. She just knows that there are these pretty women getting all this attention and money.
Well, today...(read more)
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AngelaAdd to FavoritesDate Added: Sep.26,2016

Barely legal...oh wait, Angela is actually 22. But she looks 18. And she still lives at home with her parents. And doesn't work. Just partying and shopping. Sugar daddy? Really young "escort"? I'm thinking the latter because Angela is probably one of the most unshakable little cock goddesses we've had on the couch...ever? She's had threesomes, tons of fuck buddies, and likes anal (!). Angela does...(read more)
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JordanAdd to FavoritesDate Added: Sep.19,2016

Barely 18 year old nursing student Jordan experiences her first anal and gets creampied today for a modeling gig that doesn't exist, by a guy she doesn't know. Hell, I don't even really know him, for that matter. That's right, we have a new agent in training - Jake - and he's one quiet but savage motherfucker. You'll love how he sneakily inseminates our teen by first fucking her ass (first time...(read more)
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BellaAdd to FavoritesDate Added: Sep.12,2016

What do you do with a girl who confesses to be a lesbian in real life - the kind whose live-in girlfriend drove her to this very porn audition (!) ? You fuck her in the ass over and over again and pretend she never told you she's into pussy more than dick. Bella appears pretty lethargic during the interview. She constantly plays with her tongue ring (pussy licking aide, obvi) and overall looks...(read more)
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KatieAdd to FavoritesDate Added: Sep.05,2016

So do you want to hear about the new couch we got, or the ambush interracial threeway? Couch? Ok, we got a new couch. The end. Now on to the threeway: 24 yo Katie loves gay porn and giving blowjobs "I'm really good at them", she brags. You decide if she's right - she gets to suck TC's cock AND JD's black python. She just doesn't know it yet. Not that she minds, you'll actually witness Katie fall...(read more)
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SandraAdd to FavoritesDate Added: Aug.29,2016

Busty Latina cashier Sandra does anal for the first time today - and you can tell she wasn't lying about that. Painal, yes. Can't recommend a newbie to the producers if she doesn't show she can go the extra mile, right? Sandra survives her first ass-fucking and takes it long enough for TC to call it a full anal session and give her a 10 at the end. Is she really a 10? No. 8 maybe. Great tits, does...(read more)
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LillyAdd to FavoritesDate Added: Aug.22,2016

22 year old Lilly is a part time server, part time cam girl, and full time anal queen! Nah, kidding about the last part. Lilly did try but as apparently everything in her life, she half-asses (heh!) it. Look at that neglegted hair dye. More than roots are showing. Mismatched bra and underwear (to a porn casting!) Terrible tats in random spots, half finished. Barely any makeup. Apparently never...(read more)
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