Backroom Casting Couch is a website about the real life interactions that occur during adult modeling interviews. We film girls sucking, fucking, swallowing and taking it in the ass just to land a job. I would hire them all, however I'm not a talent agent   ...   and there is no modeling job.

SarahAdd to FavoritesDate Added: Apr.24,2017

Welcome to the new Backroom office! Kidding, this is a temporary fix while Jake and I wait for the new office to be ready. As you recall, we got booted out of the old one. Took the owner only, what, 4 years to figure out what we're doing there?
Anyway, today's casting hopeful is 18 year old busty Latina Sarah, who is cute as a button, works as a barista ("Whaaaat? You're out of Unicorn...(read more)
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MaddieAdd to FavoritesDate Added: Apr.17,2017

The second Jake sees those shitty tats he knows - there WILL be anal. Maddie is just 18 and clearly a champion at making dumb decisions. Huge tats and not pushing away the dinner plate every once in a while are a bad combo for a teen who wants to break into porn But hey, YOLO, right? Fuck that, this girl gets ass-punished today either way. She's all whiny about it in the interview from a past bad...(read more)
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CarmenAdd to FavoritesDate Added: Apr.10,2017

If this girl doesn't get a 10 from everyone, I'm closing shop. Carmen is a 19 year old gorgeous racial mix (Asian! Black! Hispanic!) with great DSLs (as her friends tell her), a great ass, great tits (pierced, no less), no fucking tattoos, and takes it in the ass for the first time ever today. She enjoys public sex and is pretty much down with whatever Mr Jake wants to throw at her. And that dude...(read more)
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AbbieAdd to FavoritesDate Added: Apr.03,2017

We can clearly tell Agent Jake is really pissed off about losing the office. This is quite possibly one of the most ummm...spirited (vicious? But in a good way...) scenes in recent memory - and 18 year old Abbie loves it. We're talking "assisted" deep -throat, gagging, the wettest, sloppiest cocksucking, ass to mouth (yes, this tiny bundle does ANAL!), and Jake even makes Abbie lick his ass until...(read more)
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BrandiAdd to FavoritesDate Added: Mar.27,2017

You know a girl's got something special when you just have to kiss her. 21 year old Brandi is somewhat of an Internet entrepreneur. She buys the crap you give away to Goodwill and hawks it on eBay. It's keeping her above water but that's about it. Being 5 foot tiny, petite, and with a love for giving head, Brandi wants to give this porn thing a shot. She's too shy and nervous to have a super deep...(read more)
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AlexaAdd to FavoritesDate Added: Mar.20,2017

It's all about Greek today. Alexa doesn't reveal this until the end but she's an accountant in real life. Like, taxes and numbers and stuff. And obviously having sex on camera and getting paid for it would be a really fun side job for her. At 27 tho, Greek girl Alexa is too young to be a real MILF, and too old to be in the teen category. So she's kinda stuck in the middle here. Agent Jake is...(read more)
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BreaAdd to FavoritesDate Added: Mar.13,2017

That hideous poncho our 22 year old medical assistant is wearing is hiding an enormous set of 32 DD breasts. But before we get to see those we have to get through the usual "why do you want to do porn"-type questions. Turns out our curvy Latina doesn't like handling all that human waste at her day job. That's a new one, and we'll take it.
Brea has recently experimented with some BDSM, which...(read more)
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AprilAdd to FavoritesDate Added: Mar.06,2017

A girl who talks herself into doing first time anal - on camera, no less, instantly gets a 10. If she's barely legal, even more so. Yes, April's scene is tagged "teen". Believe it or not, this classy lady just turned 18 not too long ago and and has planted her tight little ass on the couch today to see if the porn industry is for her. She already has that pornstar makeup down, so kudos for that,...(read more)
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AngelAdd to FavoritesDate Added: Feb.27,2017

We have a little surprise for 18 year old tiny blonde Angel today. More lezzy than straight - she lives with her girlfriend, after all - Angel nevertheless is super interested about all that money and cock that comes with the porn industry. She kinda sorta assumes she'll have to fuck today on camera - it's a porn casting. But it ain't me whose knob she's gotta please.
After the usual...(read more)
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StellaAdd to FavoritesDate Added: Feb.20,2017

Italian-Egyptin eye-candy Stella has had 1 (ONE!) man in her life before - her ex-boyfriend. Apparently those two fucked each other into boredom and now this stunner is looking to express her sexually (read: drop the good girl act) on camera for a living. Quiet, submissive and willing to please, Stella's experience with girls is also restricted to having had sex with her best friend (oh girls and...(read more)
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