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Backroom Casting Couch ™ is a website that features photographs and videos about the real life interactions that occur during adult modeling interviews. We film girls sucking, fucking, swallowing and taking it in the ass just to land a job. I would hire them all, however I'm not a talent agent   ...   and there is no modeling job.


Eva Date Added: Jun. 17, 2019

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When a beautiful, feminine and smiley girl who REALLY shouldn't be doing porn walks into my office, I have ethical choices to consider. The right thing to do is tell her to turn around, run and don't look back. The profitable thing to do is film her sucking, fucking and taking it in the ass then watch her get in an...(read more)

Keywords:  AnalAnal CreampieBrunetteRimjobToy

Rachel Date Added: Jun. 10, 2019

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19yo Rachel is all about anal and letting losers look stuff up while she's carpin' all them diems.(read more)

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Tapanga Date Added: Jun. 03, 2019

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20 year old Tapanga enjoys her job at the gas station, but not the hours. Likes girls, but not scissoring. Doesn't use birth control because she believes she's infertile. Hopes to try public humiliation, DP and tentacle sex some day (who doesn't?) plus she orgasms during anal. With this type of resume, our candidate is...(read more)

Keywords:  AnalAss To MouthBig BoobsBlondeFacialRimjobToy

Mila Date Added: May. 27, 2019

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Do you ever wonder what kind of kinky sexual secrets someone is hiding? Your guess about a person may be spot on. That girl you just met at the mortgage broker's office could be wearing a butt plug, or maybe she sucked off her boss under his desk an hour earlier or possibly she moonlights as a dominatrix. Meet Mila....(read more)

Keywords:  BrunetteFacialRimjob

Gia Date Added: May. 20, 2019

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Gia is a 21yo racial mix, so almost black and almost white... and she almost looks like Scary Spice (I just had to go with the obvious Spice girl reference). Overall, she's a wonderful girl, it's a great scene and delivers a very satisfying amount of PAINAL.
Fun fact: I came close to ending the shoot when she...(read more)

Keywords:  AnalAss To MouthBrunetteCreampiePainalRimjob

Summer Date Added: May. 13, 2019

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Tiny, 19yo giggly Summer currently works as a Sous-chef (line cook) and wants to transition into the adult industry so that she can "cum for money" instead of, you know, chop vegetables for money. I can't think of a better career choice for her - she's cute, outgoing, into girls and loves watching gang bang videos......(read more)

Keywords:  BrunetteCreampieTeen

Sylvia Date Added: May. 06, 2019

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22yo barista Sylvia is burnt out on serving coffee to rude customers and looking for a career change. I encourage everyone to follow their dreams and I'm open to auditioning just about any girl who is willing to have anal sex with someone within 15 minutes of first meeting them. If the producers don't call her back, I...(read more)

Keywords:  AnalBrunetteCreampieRimjobTattoo

Kim Date Added: Apr. 29, 2019

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20yo Latina Kim was thrown right into the fire.

Rick: I'm going to have you start by licking his ass.
Kim: What.. What??!! Are you serious?! Are you fuckin' serious?... ok, whatever..God... I don't wanna do that. I really have to do that?
Rick: That's what we do here. Welcome to porn.(read more)

Keywords:  Anal FailBrunetteCreampieLatinaPiercing

Jazmine Date Added: Apr. 22, 2019

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When Backroom is put on Netflix, this is how Jazmine's episode will be described:
Rick interviews a scared 18yo girl and sets in motion a series of surprises. (read more)

Keywords:  AnalAnal CreampieRedheadRimjobTeen

Annabelle Date Added: Apr. 15, 2019

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If you've never been catfished, consider yourself lucky. The pics I received from Annabelle were far better than what show showed up. Kinda like the pic of a Big Mac in a McDonald's commercial compared to what you get at the drive through. These random first timers can't all be 8-10s... or even 6-7s... Yea, so imagine...(read more)

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