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Backroom Casting Couch ™ is a website that features photographs and videos about the real life interactions that occur during adult modeling interviews. We film girls sucking, fucking, swallowing and taking it in the ass just to land a job. I would hire them all, however I'm not a talent agent   ...   and there is no modeling job.

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Karissa's Scene Pic
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I'm a believer now - in Female Ejaculation, that is. 19 year old squirter Karissa proved to me it's not just pee by another name. She also proved that a girl can be TOO happy and outgoing: like a perpetually horny wind-up toy, Karissa is the perfect candidate to get into porn, as long as the viewer can deal with...(read more)

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Tria's Scene Pic
Video Thumb1: Tria
Video Thumb2: Tria
Video Thumb3: Tria
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Video Thumb6: Tria

While I'm conducting these interviews, what I say and what I'm thinking to myself are two different things. Tria said, "I'm 18 and a senior in high school" I thought to myself ...CHA CHING!! This girl is going to sell like fucking crazy!! Tria said, "I've been modeling for about a week" I thought to myself...(read more)

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Dani's Scene Pic
Video Thumb1: Dani
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Video Thumb3: Dani
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Video Thumb6: Dani

31yo soccer mom of three, Dani! Accidental insemination, apprehensive anal, facial and cum gagging.(read more)

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Emjay's Scene Pic
Video Thumb1: Emjay
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Video Thumb6: Emjay

"I'm down with butt sex, I like butt sex!", blonde, blue eyed workout addict Emjay admits when I'm getting ready to do anal with her. I mean, look at that ass - bubbly, tight, perky. Perfect. Gotta fuck that. So I do. And she loves it! Before that Emjay gives me one of the best BJs - slow deep throat and everything -...(read more)

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Sam's Scene Pic
Video Thumb1: Sam
Video Thumb2: Sam
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Video Thumb5: Sam
Video Thumb6: Sam

19 year old Sam is a cute as fuck Native American girl who enjoys her first orgasm with a toy today...and gets off on anal a few moments later. No, I won't say which tribe she's from because last time I did that I got cease and desist letters, and threatening emails from them. Not kidding. Anyway - Sam. Awesome girl....(read more)

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Taylor's Scene Pic
Video Thumb1: Taylor
Video Thumb2: Taylor
Video Thumb3: Taylor
Video Thumb4: Taylor
Video Thumb5: Taylor
Video Thumb6: Taylor

Ok, cards on the table - girls like 19 year old Taylor are the reason I started Backroom in the first place. She is a total turn-on, and at times I fumble around with the cameras like an idiot (I cut some of that, no worries). Can't think straight with that woman here. Best of all, she's into it, too (see: creamy...(read more)

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Kyle's Scene Pic
Video Thumb1: Kyle
Video Thumb2: Kyle
Video Thumb3: Kyle
Video Thumb4: Kyle
Video Thumb5: Kyle
Video Thumb6: Kyle

Kyle came to me looking for validation, money and a job. Instead, she took two cumshots to the face and chest.(read more)

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Isabella's Scene Pic
Video Thumb1: Isabella
Video Thumb2: Isabella
Video Thumb3: Isabella
Video Thumb4: Isabella
Video Thumb5: Isabella
Video Thumb6: Isabella

Isabella is beautiful, classy, sweet - and only barely 18 years old. And willing to try anal for the first time in her life. Yeah we got lucky with this one. Well, Jake does, he got to tap that juicy teen ass. Literally.
Isabella works as a food server while she figures out what she wants from life. Not very...(read more)

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Margarita and Natasha

Margarita and Natasha's Scene Pic
Video Thumb1: Margarita and Natasha
Video Thumb2: Margarita and Natasha
Video Thumb3: Margarita and Natasha
Video Thumb4: Margarita and Natasha
Video Thumb5: Margarita and Natasha
Video Thumb6: Margarita and Natasha

Margarita and Natasha are best friends, co-workers at a mortgage company - and after today, probably lesbian lovers. After the interview I make them kiss and rub each other's pussies for the first time. And it all just spirals down from there, in a good way. They eagerly suck TC's cock at the same time, and take turns...(read more)


Stephanie's Scene Pic
Video Thumb1: Stephanie
Video Thumb2: Stephanie
Video Thumb3: Stephanie
Video Thumb4: Stephanie
Video Thumb5: Stephanie
Video Thumb6: Stephanie

Stephanie was actually paid for this shoot. She wasn't buying any of my bullshit, so I had to entice her with cash. She was worth ever bit of the $200 that I paid her ;)(read more)

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