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Backroom Casting Couch ™ is a website that features photographs and videos about the real life interactions that occur during adult modeling interviews. We film girls sucking, fucking, swallowing and taking it in the ass just to land a job. I would hire them all, however I'm not a talent agent   ...   and there is no modeling job.

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Candace's Scene Pic
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An angel has descended upon the new office and her name is Candace. If you see this ridiculously adorable 19 year old blonde in a dark alley somewhere, don't tell her you saw her take it in the ass on Backroom and fapped yourself into a coma. She's probably at her security job and she's got a tazer., and she will take...(read more)

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Dakota's Scene Pic
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Do you know what I like better than a 19 year old ASU coed with a fit, flawless body (no tattoos!), fun personality, and who just giggles when I tell her I just came inside her ass (her very first anal, btw)? Nothing. So that's what we have today. Dakota is all of the above and more. I wish more girls would take care...(read more)

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Gigi's Scene Pic
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Video Thumb6: Gigi

20 year old Gigi is a smart physics and math tutor with a (very) naughty side that she's eager to show off to the world. Stripping off that "good girl" image is her primary goal here. Agent Jake and Gigi really hit it off and there's some instant chemistry and sexual tension in the air. So it doesn't take long at all...(read more)

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Sierra's Scene Pic
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Video Thumb6: Sierra

Sierra really wants to quit that job at the mall. She shows up early for her interview, I barely have time to set things up. Took me nothing to convince her to try out for pr0ns when I talked to her through that dating site I've been getting my bread from lately. Her idea of background check is asking me how long I've...(read more)

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Arianna's Scene Pic
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18 year old fast food worker Arianna enjoys porn featuring old men and young women, and admits she might actually be into girls but isn't sure. She's also not so sure about the getting-naked part in her audition. Or masturbating with toys. Or eating Vince's ass. Or doing ass-to-mouth. We manage to talk her into some of...(read more)

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Rosie's Scene Pic
Video Thumb1: Rosie
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Video Thumb6: Rosie

Watching girl-next-door Rosie - probably the least intimidating security guard on the planet - take it up the ass and cumming from it is such a treat! Spoiler alert: watch her legs and body shake - that is her having orgasms. So what brings this somewhat shy girl to the couch? Low self-esteem, apparently. She actually...(read more)

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Charlotte's Scene Pic
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Redhead Charlotte does little custom videos for guys who want to jerk off to her doing stuff with her feet. Now she wants to take it to the next level and make a big splash in the larger fetish porn world. That's where I'm supposed to come in. She's confident, a little cocky even, like she knows she has these big...(read more)

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Leela's Scene Pic
Video Thumb1: Leela
Video Thumb2: Leela
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Video Thumb6: Leela

Lots of firsts for 20 year old good-girl/criminology student Leela. She says she's money motivated and willing to do whatever it takes to make those big bucks. So here we go: her first masturbation with a toy (she likey), first anal (eeeh...), first dp (Leela dislikes 1 thing and it's not what you think...), and her...(read more)

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Courtney's Scene Pic
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Courtney is another girl with a golden heart, IF the job she claims to have is real. It's almost too sweet. I made the joke about a girl's thigh gap ratio being that of a Japanese Hentai cartoon character before, but I should've saved that one for Courtney. She's almost cartoonishly hot. There are some issues that...(read more)

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Lexas's Scene Pic
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Video Thumb6: Lexas

19 year old Indian-Mexican mix Lexas only had sex with 1 guy before - the one she's married to. Claims she's getting a divorce, then drops the subject. She wears his wedding ring when I go down on her, when I bang her on the desk, and when I fuck her in the ass for the first time in her life (phenomenal painal. That...(read more)

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